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            Welcome to the website of Xingtai North Benz heavy duty Auto Parts Co., Ltd!
            Xingtai North Benz Heavy Truck Parts Co., Ltd
            Specializing in the production of beiben heavy truck parts
            Founded in 1996, Xingtai North Benz Heavy truck parts Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company integrating production, sales and after-sales service of heavy truck parts. The company mainly produces and operates beben heavy truck parts, German Benz truck parts, Mann, Skania, Taidela, Volvo, north Benz parts, North Benz truck parts, Deutz 1013, 1015 parts, Benz truck 4140, 4144, 2631, 2627, 2629. BENZ series (OM355, OM314, OM442, OM442LA, OM441, OM441LA, OM402, OM421, OM423, Hino P11C) and other engine parts. German ZF gearbox accessories beben heavy truck heavy truck cab, girder, chassis. Engine, electrical appliances, clutch and other original accessories.
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            Service hotline13932981498 13931963992ADDRESS:No. 168 Hebei province Xingtai City Xing Feng Road
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